Tours of Clinical Affiliate Sites

Tours of all the clinical affiliate sites will be scheduled in February or March.

Interviews with Clinical Education Coordinators

Some of the Clinical Education Coordinators will conduct interviews at UWM with the applicants in March & April.

Clinical Placements

After your interview with the Clinical Education Coordinators, you will submit a list ranking all the clinical sites in order of your preference. Each Clinical Education Coordinator will submit a list ranking students by preference. These lists will be submitted to the Undergraduate Program Director.

Final decisions on assignments are made by the Department of Biomedical Sciences. Clinical assignments will be posted at the start of the summer semester and are subject to change up to the time that training begins.

Eligibility is conditional, that is you must complete the required coursework and maintain a minimum GPA of 2.0 in all of the Biomedical Sciences courses.

List of Clinical Placements

  • Ascension– All Saints Medical Center, Racine
  • Ascension – Columbia / St. Mary’s Hospital 
  •  Ascension – St. Francis Hospital 
  • Aurora ACL Laboratories 
  • Children’s Hospital of WI   
  • Fort Health Community Hospital, Fort Atkinson
  • Froedtert Community Memorial Hospital, Menomonee Falls
  • Froedtert St. Joseph Hospital, West Bend
  • Froedtert South, Kenosha 
  • WI Diagnostic Laboratories – Froedtert Hospital
  • UW – Hospital & Clinics, Madison

Student Handbook

Student Handbooks are provided during orientation at the professional clinical training site.

Background Check, Drug Screen, & Health Status Assessment

Important Information

  • You need to meet with your advisor to review transcripts and complete a degree audit to make sure that your academic records are in order.
  • A background check and a physical examination are required of all students prior to starting the professional clinical training. Health Status Assessment Forms (PDF) should be submitted to:
    Department of Biomedical Sciences Program Office
    College of Health Sciences
    University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
    Enderis Hall, Room 411
    Milwaukee, WI 53201
  • The clinical affiliate sites require that all students have health insurance while in the clinical rotation.
  • Limited employment during the Summer Semester is recommended.
  • Rotation schedules, vacations and other time off are matters which are decided individually by each clinical site. The UWM academic calendar does not apply.
  • You are expected to register for classes at UWM at the beginning of the Summer, Fall and Spring semesters of your senior year. University fees will be charged.

Bill Mueller, MS
Academic Advisor

Zachary R. Lunak, PhD, MLS (ASCP)CM, HTL (ASCP)CM
Program Director

Brad De Pons, MLS(ASCP)CM
Clinical Education Coordinator