Students socializing outside of the KIRC building

Building Our Future

Inclusive excellence and fostering a culture of care within our Panther community

The 2030 Action Plan provides the strategic framework for UWM to advance student success and fulfill our dual mission as a research and access institution. It will ensure that UWM continues its crucial role in enhancing and improving the quality of life for everyone in southeastern Wisconsin. 

The 2030 Action Plan framework was initially developed in 2019 by more than 100 participants throughout UWM, including governance groups. Since then, UWM and the larger world have experienced significant changes and challenges. These include new university leaders, college realignment, the COVID-19 pandemic impacts, shifts in the perceived value of higher education, increased awareness of the need for inclusion and belonging, and more. Moreover, adjustments to UWM’s operations and initiatives reflect much of the significant work completed by the 2030 Action Plan’s initial eight teams. Such circumstances make it appropriate to modify aspects of the original 2030 Action Plan while staying true to its overarching goals. 

This refresh includes redirecting the original eight action teams toward four broader pillars or commitments that reinforce UWM’s mission and vision. Doing so strengthens UWM’s strategic framework while also providing a clearer roadmap toward the chancellor’s strategic directions. 

Our Commitments

The Commitment to Students’ Academic & Personal Journey is focused on advancing student success and closing equity gaps, innovating curriculum for student success and workforce needs, and growing enrollment through recruitment and partnerships.

The Commitment to a Positive Employee Experience is focused on fostering an inclusive workplace environment and engaging our workforce by supporting employee belonging and success.

The Commitment to Research, Innovation & Community Impact focuses on advancing impactful research and innovation as well as partnering with community organizations and community members.

The Commitment to Fiscal Sustainability & Economically Anchoring Southeastern Wisconsin is focused on leveraging financial resources to meet strategic goals, increasing philanthropy, and planning and creating a sustainable physical and virtual infrastructure.