PhD Health Sciences
This exciting, interdisciplinary program is designed to meet the critical need for doctoral-prepared faculty and researchers. You’ll work closely with our research faculty in your selected area of concentration and also complete cross-disciplinary and core courses that emphasize an interdisciplinary perspective in health-related education and research. Learn more

Financial aid is available to qualified PhD students on a case-by-case basis. Some of the research areas are: Assistive Technology and Accessible Design (Dr. Roger Smith), Behavioral and Mental Health (Dr. Virginia Stoffel), Ergonomics (Dr. Arun Garg or Dr. Jay Kapellusch), Evidence-Based Practice and Outcomes Measurement (Dr. Mark Johnston), Maternal and Child Health, Health Literacy, and Autism (Dr. Kris Barnekow), Pain Assessment and Management (Dr. Joyce Engel or Dr. Bhagwant Sindhu), Pediatric Mobility/Biomechanics (Dr. Brooke Slavens), and Stroke Rehabilitation (Dr. Ying-Chih Wang).

MS Occupational Therapy
Occupational therapy is a profession as diverse, unlimited and creative as the people it serves. As an occupational therapist, you’ll use the “occupations” of work and productive activities, play, leisure, social participation and self-care to reduce impairment and teach skills to clients who have physical, developmental, emotional or mental health disabilities across the lifespan. Learn more

BS Occupational Studies
You’ve decided you enjoy working with persons with disabilities either through direct care or administrative service. Not quite sure which is the best career path? This program offers you the chance to pursue a variety of career options. A flexible educational path, combined with a blend of elective courses, and you’ll be prepared to work in different health and human service settings. Learn more
Occupational Studies student wears goggles that simulate visual impairment while finding a library book.
Certificate in Assistive Technology & Accessible Design (Graduate)
The Certificate in Assistive Technology and Accessible Design (ATAD) follows a model of prerequisite disability and technology basic knowledge, survey of the fields, assessment, intervention and leadership. You will work under the direction of a faculty member to complete a capstone project, which, by design, is potentially publishable. Learn more
Person using a refreshable braille machine with a computer
Certificate in Therapeutic Recreation
Therapeutic Recreation uses recreation and activity-based interventions to help improve people’s physical, emotional, cognitive, social, spiritual and leisure functioning to enjoy life more fully. The Therapeutic Recreation Specialist, also known as a Recreation Therapist, assists clients to develop skills, knowledge and behaviors for daily living and community involvement. Learn more
Three men in wheelchairs participate in the adaptive sport of archery.

Faculty & Staff

Mission, Vision & Values


We provide an inclusive, interdisciplinary research and educational environment for contemporary professionals and scientists who will lead and contribute to a productive and healthy society.


We envision improving health, well-being and participation of persons in an inclusive and supportive society.


We value integrity in all that we do, collaboration to achieve excellence, diversity of thought, perspective and culture, and accessibility to promote optimal engagement.