Susan Rose, PhD

Social Work

Dr. Susan Rose joined the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee faculty in 1992. Her teaching responsibilities include the areas of mental health and advanced practice. Dr. Rose received her doctorate from the University of Illinois at Chicago and has extensive clinical experience in community mental health and family-based service-delivery systems in child welfare.

Dr. Rose's research interests include intervention incarcerated women, specifically women incarcerated in jails with health, mental health, and substance use problems. She is currently the principal investigator of a study testing an intensive intervention for women incarcerated in the Milwaukee County House of Correction (Improving the Transition from Jail to the Community for Impoverished Women).  She was recently principal investigator on the Keeping Families Together (KFT) study, funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, examining the substance abuse, child welfare, and health care service needed for mothers and pregnant women in jail and as they transitioned into the community. She was the co-principal investigator with Dr. Audrey Begun on the Supporting Jails in Providing Drug Abuse Services for Women project, conducted in Milwaukee-area jails, and co-principal investigator on the Heart to Heart study with Dr. Laura Otto-Salaj.

In collaboration with Dr. Steven L. McMurtry, she co-directs the Title IV-E Child Welfare Training Program, providing master’s and bachelor’s level education to students interested in careers in public child welfare practice. She is also the director of the Training for Adoption Competency program, funded by Jockey International, offering an in depth training program (developed by the Center for Adoption Support & Education; C.A.S.E.) for clinicians seeking to enhance their skills in working with all partners in the adoption process. By the end of 2018, this training program will have been offered to more than 100 clinicians in five different locations in Wisconsin.

Dr. Rose serves as the chair of the school’s international studies committee and coordinates the Social Work Department’s adjunct faculty program.

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