Sleuthing the Arctic for a Missing Glacier

Norman Lasca — How science works is as much the focus of this video as is a scientific detective story, one possible only now that the former Soviet Arctic is open to exploration. This search for a "lost" glacier, first hypothesized in the 19th century by famed naturalist Louis Agassiv, re-creates a 4,000-mile journey via nuclear-powered icebreaker across the Arctic from Kola Peninsula to the Bering Straits as two modern-day geologists track "clues" to support a theory that runs counter to "received wisdom."

Digestion: A Tough, Dirty Job, It Takes a Lot of Guts

Zoologist Donna Van Wynseberghe conducts a journey through the unseen workings of a system we utilize day after day and from the first moments of “Digestion: A Tough Dirty Job, It Takes a Lot of Guts,” she makes the familiar both fascinating and informative. A viewer will come away with a clearer idea of the digestive process and of nutrition, material that Van Wynsberghe dispenses with wit and lightness.