Correspondence Courses

Correspondence courses may be taken only through the University of Wisconsin-Extension, with the permission of the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs. Students may not exceed 18 credits during one semester, including correspondence courses and work in residence, without permission. Only elective course requirements may be met through correspondence and Extension study.

Independent Study

Independent study is available in each department. Credits are awarded for academic activities pursued outside the formal classroom setting under the supervision of a faculty member. Activities may include reading, research, and special projects and must be approved, in advance, by the full-time faculty supervisor. Independent study is offered at the lower and upper levels. Students must have a cumulative GPA of 2.5 at UWM to pursue independent study. Upper division independent study requires junior status. For more information, see the catalog course listings or contact the department chairperson.

College Level Examination Program (CLEP)

Credit for specific college courses may be earned through the College Level Examination Program (CLEP) of the College Entrance Examination Board. Students will be granted degree credit only for subject examinations, and if they score at the 50th percentile or higher on National Sophomore norm. Credit for subject examinations may only be used to satisfy elective credits within the College of Health Sciences degree programs. A list of acceptable examinations may be found on the program website.

Requirements for Employment, Licensing, or Professional Organizations

Students should be aware that some professions, occupations, and employers are subject to licensing and/or bonding requirements. When a course of study includes clinical or field training, practice teaching, or internships, students will be required to have a check of criminal conviction records prior to acceptance of a student by the placement site. Students are responsible for obtaining the information necessary for them to become knowledgeable about these requirements and plan their studies accordingly.

Health Insurance Documentation

Students may be required to carry health insurance during internship or field work experiences. As a condition of placement in an internship program, students may also be required to have updated vaccinations (e.g. MMR, Hbv). In addition, a physical examination and TB test may be required.

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