Portrait of Jing Yang

Jing Yang, PhD

  • Associate Professor, Communication Sciences & Disorders


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Speaker Topics

  • Speech Science
  • Experimental Phonetics
  • Second Language Acquisition
  • Speech development of children with cochlear implants

Interests & Expertise

Jing Yang’s research focuses on three areas: 1) Speech development in typically developing bilingual and monolingual children. Specifically, she is interested in the process of separation and interaction of phonetic systems in bilingual children and early second language (L2) learners. 2) Speech development in children with cochlear implants (CIs). Her research in this area aims to understand the true deficits of speech production in children with CIs by conducting comprehensive acoustic analyses of speech segments and higher level phonetic structures of CI children in comparison to children with normal hearing. 3) Speech perception of L2 learners. Her recent research in this line focuses on the effect of native language on the perception of L2 and the perceptual performance in adverse conditions by adult L2 learners.

Selected Publications

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