Portrait of Barbara Meyer

Barbara B. Meyer, PhD, CMPC

  • Professor, Athletic Training & Sports Psychology
  • Laboratory Director, Laboratory for Sport Psychology& Performance Excellence


PhD Health Education, Counseling Psychology, and Human Performance Michigan State University, 1991
MA Health Education, Counseling Psychology, and Human Performance Michigan State University, 1988
BS Psychology University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire,  1986

Speaker Topics

  • Sport & Performance Psychology 
  • Rest & Recovery 
  • Integrated Teamwork in Human Performance 
  • Tactical Populations & Occupational Workers 

Interests & Expertise

Dr. Meyer’s research projects are borne out of the need to identify solutions to the real life concerns of elite performers. Ongoing research examines: (a) rest and recovery in athletes, coaches, the team around the team, and tactical populations; and; (b) integrated teamwork in human performance. 

In her sport and performance psychology practice, Dr. Meyer uses a systems approach to enhance the performance of athletes, teams, and sport organizations as well as tactical and corporate populations. She has worked with professional and world-class athletes, teams, and sport organizations in freestyle skiing, ice hockey, speed skating, football, basketball, soccer, tennis, golf, equestrian, and many other sports. 

Selected Publications

Ouellet-Pizer, C.M., Harenberg, S., Vosloo, J., & Meyer, B.B. (in press). Self-reported depression in collegiate athletes: The effect of privacy in symptom disclosure. Journal of  Clinical Sport Psychology. 

Braun, L., Ross-Stewart, L., & Meyer, B.B. (in press). The relationship between athlete perceptions of coach leadership and athlete grit. International Journal of Exercise  Science. 

Marciniak, R.A., Cornell, D.J., Meyer, B.B., Azen, R., Laiosa, M.D., & Ebersole, K.T.      (2024). Workloads of emergency call types in active-duty firefighters. Merits. 

Magdaleno, A., & Meyer, B.B. (2023). Identifying predictors of health and performance of Certified Mental Performance Consultants. The Sport Psychologist, 37(4), 297-305.  

Magdaleno, A., & Meyer, B.B. (2023). A novel exploration of occupational recovery in Certified Mental Performance Consultants. The Sport Psychologist, 37(2), 140-148.  

Wahl, C.A., Garnier-Villarreal, M., & Meyer, B.B. (2023). Assessment of recovery activities for athletes. International Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology 

Magdaleno, A.L., Wiersma, L., & Meyer, B.B. (2021). An exploratory comparison of subjective mental fatigue following a task designed to replicate the observation of game film. International Journal of Exercise Science, 15(6), 25-35. 

Hess, C.W., & Meyer, B.B. (2021). Lived experiences of an elite performance management team through injury rehabilitation: An interpretative phenomenological analysis. Journal of Sport Rehabilitation, 31(2), 199-210.  

Gnacinski, S.L., Meyer, B.B., & Wahl, C.A. (2021). Psychometric properties of the RESTQ-Sport-36 in a collegiate student-athlete population. Frontiers in Psychology: Movement Science and Sport Psychology. 

Gnacinski, S.L., Nai, M.M., Brady, M., Meyer, B.B., & Newman, N. (2020). An examination of athletic trainers’ occupational recovery experience during time after work. Journal of Athletic Training, 55(5), 532-537. 

Wahl, C.A., Gnacinski, S.L., Nai, M.M., & Meyer, B.B. (2019). Psychological predictors of perceived stress and recovery in sport. Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology, 9(3), 292-307.  

Wahl, C.A., Harris, B.S., Langdon, J.L., Riggs, A.J., & Meyer, B.B. (2019). Goal orientation, motivational climate, and exercise as predictors of eating disorder risk factors among college students. Journal of American College Health, 69(2), 168-175.   

Hess, C.W., Gnacinski, S.L., & Meyer, B.B. (2019). A Review of the sport-injury and -rehabilitation literature: From abstraction to application. The Sport Psychologist, 33(3), 232-243.

Courses Taught

  • PRPP 552: Psychology of Personal Excellence 
  • PRPP 553: Psychological Considerations for Optimizing Health & Performance 
  • PRPP 854: Professional Studies in Sport & Performance Psychology 
  • PRPP 855: Mentored Fieldwork in Sport & Performance Psychology 
  • PRPP 909: Guided Teaching in Health Sciences 
  • PRPP 990: Doctoral Dissertation 
  • PRPP 999: Advanced Independent Study 
  • OCCTHPY 522: Health, Performance, & Injury Monitoring in Organizations 
  • OCCTHPY 592: Innovative Solutions in Human Factors & Performance