Portrait of Shelley Lund

Shelley K. Lund, PhD, CCC-SLP

  • Associate Professor, Communication Sciences & Disorders
  • Director, Communication Sciences & Disorders Graduate Program


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Speaker Topics

  • Communication, Augmentative and Alternative (AAC)
  • Disabilities, Communication and Individuals with Language Disorders in Children

Interests & Expertise

Shelley Lund's research interests are in the areas of augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) and child language development and disorders. There are more than three million individuals in the U.S. who are unable to communicate using speech and can benefit from using AAC systems.

Lund’s research addresses how to improve outcomes for individuals who use AAC. Lund is engaged in a multi-site study investigating the clinical decision-making of speech-language pathologists (SLPs) during AAC assessment.

Prescribing the appropriate AAC system for a client is a multi-faceted and complex task. Many SLPs who are asked to conduct such assessments, may have had limited training/preparation in this area. This line of research is examining how SLPs with varying levels of expertise approach the assessment process.

The information gained from these studies will lead to improved assessment processes and the development of training and educational materials to better prepare SLPs to work with clients whose communication can be enhanced through AAC.

Selected Publications

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Recent Funded Grants

National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research - Field Initiated Program
January 2014 - December 2017
Title: Optimal Augmentative and Alternative Communication Technology for Individuals with Severe Communication Disabilities: Development of a Comprehensive Assessment Protocol.

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Center for 21st Century Studies - Transdisciplinary Challenge
July 2012 – June 2014
Title: 21st Century Voices: Synthesized Speech in the Third Millennium.

Honors & Awards

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