Portrait of Mark Johnston

Mark V. Johnston, PhD, FACRM

  • Professor Emeritus, Programs in Occupational Therapy Science, Technology & Rehabilitation


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Speaker Topics

  • Evidence Based Practice in Health-related Rehabilitation
  • Measurement of Rehabilitation Outcomes and Quality of Care
  • Research Methodology
  • Cost-effectiveness and Value of Alternative Interventions
  • Care coordination for people with disabilities and chronic conditions

Interests & Expertise

Mark Johnston’s research has centered about questions of measurement of activity, health, and quality of life outcomes after health-related rehabilitation; factors predicting or determining these outcomes, including personal factors and care system factors; evaluation of the effectiveness of interventions using both experimental and quasiexperimental research designs; and the synthesis and utilization of best evidence practice, that is, evidence-based practice.

His research has addressed the needs of people with many types of disability and chronic-illnesses but has particularly focused on activity-based interventions for groups with neurological disabilities, such as traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury and stroke.

Johnston is an experienced investigator, having served as Principal Investigator on seven research grants with funding of several million (over $4.5 million, as of 2009), although he has more frequently served as Co-Investigator (16 grants), providing methodological support to research teams. He had published 59 peer reviewed scientific studies, 19 chapters, and 13 reviews (nine peer-reviewed).

Johnston also has considerable experience as Project Director and mentor to Post-Doctoral Fellows and Doctoral students, providing advanced, multidisciplinary training in rehabilitation research skills and strategy.

Selected Publications

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Professional Memberships

  • Co-Chair of the Clinical Practice Committee of the American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine
  • Facilitator of the Task Force on Standards and Methods of Evidence, National Center for Dissemination of Disability Research, funded by NIDRR.

Honors & Awards

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