Kristian Lenz

Kristian Zenz

  • Senior, Philosophy and English double major

I am grateful to see everyone’s hard work and academic accomplishments be celebrated today. I am incredibly honored to be part of a storied society like this one. My original major was English, and philosophy came along later, but the latter has since taken precedence over the former. Inspired by friends and professors alike, I found renewed joy in education in learning via my pursuit of philosophical study. There’s no enough people I can thank in this statement, whether it be my family, coworkers, or best friends. They have all shaped me, yet simultaneously, allowed me to mold into my own being. It is from here that I take this honorary accomplishment and see how I can move on to the next one. Life is not something to be mastered, but it is in this art of attempting to master it, we truly embrace our full potential.