Quinn Whitlow

  • Junior, Political Science with a Pre-Law track

I am a sophomore completing a degree in political science with a focus in law studies and a double minor in Spanish and philosophy. The great difficulties of life in quarantine have cemented my appreciation for the presence of my professors and friends and my future ambition to work towards a more vibrant world.

I would like to thank Dr. Kristin Horowitz for her involvement with my entry into Pi Sigma Alpha and her contributions to my interest in the political science major, as well as Dr. Kennan Ferguson for his eloquence as a professor in conveying important ideas, whether they pertained to Saint Augustine’s teachings or COVID reaching our shores, along with many other invested people across several disciplines. Along the way, I was reminded of the reasons to be grateful for the encouragement and support of my family back in Minneapolis.

I look forward to continuing to progress towards my Honors College degree, completing my capstone thesis in pursuit of departmental high honors, and working towards a career as an Interior Department liaison on environmental law, beginning with law school in the fall of 2023. It is a great honor to be recognized alongside a cadre of my talented peers as the Phi Beta Kappa Class of 2021.