Cedric M. Werner

  • Junior, Psychology major

What an awesome opportunity that I am so grateful to take part in. The past couple of years have been undeniably challenging with having to adjust to the still ongoing pandemic. With this invitation I want to recognize all of those who struggled mentally, physically, and academically due to the hardships the pandemic brought. It has not been easy! I have got to thank my academic advisor Dorrie Van Kerkvoorde for continually bringing me hope and inspiration as we talked through my potential future. My future is still a blurry vision, but I hope to continue my education and pursue a path in art therapy. As a queer person, there is nothing I want more than to help other queer folks with their navigation through life. I would not be here in this position without the resilience taught to me by my queer peers and educators. For that I am so grateful. Cheers to the future!