Jada Xiao Lei Wegner

  • Senior, English major

The opportunity to be a member of Phi Beta Kappa is an academic achievement that I am immensely thankful for and take much pride in. I am in my third year and a first-generation student pursuing a major in English. From a young age I have always known that I want my writing out in the world. I hope to get involved in editing and publishing so that I may publish a book of my own one day. UW-Milwaukee has definitely helped make these desires more achievable for me. Taking English classes with a variety of topics and focuses have strengthened and refined my skills in writing. My professors have made my English experience invigorating and the feedback I receive allows me to always improve upon the work I put out. This past school year I have advanced to taking fiction workshops which have been some of my favorite classes. The chance to experiment with different kinds of writing with others who are just as passionate about it as me keeps me inspired. I have learned to appreciate critiques on my writing and enjoy praising others' work as well. Learning about and pursuing opportunities such as publications in literary magazines and internships have kept me confident that I chose the right path for my college career.