Sean M. Weaver

  • Senior, Linguistics major

It is a great honor to be selected to join the ranks of fellow scholars at Phi Beta Kappa. During my time at UWM, I have been working towards a degree in General Linguistics, with a French minor. Working through the Honors College at UWM has also allowed me to observe the value of a scholarly discussion on a wide variety of topics. Currently, I am involved in a linguistic research thesis through the Honors College. This opportunity has been a great way to prepare me for graduate school and to hone my skills in research, data collection and data analysis. My time at UWM has allowed me to explore a myriad of interest areas and to round out my academic knowledge in a complementary manner.

As mentioned, I plan to attend graduate school and acquire an advanced degree in my field of study, everything in my undergraduate degree has worked to prepare me for a future in academics.