Noelle Wallisch

Noelle E. Wallisch

  • Junior, Anthropology major

My name is Noelle Wallisch and I am a junior who will be graduating next spring with a major in anthropology, a certificate in death investigation, and an Honors College degree. I am grateful to the faculty of the anthropology department here at UWM for helping spark my interest in anthropology. I am also grateful to have been able to participate in undergraduate research opportunities at UWM as well as to be a part of the Honors College. The small discussion-based classes have allowed me to collaborate with professors and peers from different backgrounds as well as to challenge myself to explore new topics beyond the scope of my major. Following my time at UWM, I hope to continue to follow my interests with anthropology and anatomy to pursue a job in healthcare. I am also fortunate to say that this summer I will be participating in my first UWM study abroad experience!