Ethan Joseph Solberg

  • Senior, History major

I am profoundly honored to have been elected to Phi Beta Kappa at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. As a native of the Eau Claire area, I never imagined that I would be joining the ranks of former presidents and other esteemed individuals throughout American history. The study of history has been a lifelong passion of mine, which led me to pursue an undergraduate degree in History. UWM’s History department is fantastic, and my abilities have grown exponentially, especially in critical thinking and writing. I would like to extend gratitude to Dr. Katherine Milco, whose Roman history classes challenged me. The German department at UWM is equally as impressive. I was fortunate enough to study under Professor John Kellogg, who selected me for the department’s First-Year German Award. It is my hope to attend law school in the future and pursue a career in law. There are many issues facing the nation these days, including civil wrongdoings and problematic healthcare, but perhaps today’s Phi Beta Kappa inductees will work towards a brighter tomorrow.