Alex Estel Sitze

  • May 2022 graduate, Film Studies major

It is an honor to be accepted in the Phi Beta Kappa UWM Chapter. I fell into my love of Film Studies and Philosophy through the programs here at UWM and the professors who were all passionate and knowledgeable about their subjects. I was particularly inspired by the courses that I took in the Honors College, which were all incredibly rich and diverse in material, operating in intimate discussion seminar formats where everyone has a chance to speak, and fostering individual creativity and expression. The professors there are always willing to help in just about every capacity as well, which has been a wonder for my educational growth. Additionally, taking opportunities on campus, such as public speaker events, recreational activities, and clubs have helped me make connections on campus and feel more comfortable about being part of a community. I had a great time writing for the Aggregate, the Honors College newsletter, and participating in recreational clubs on campus like UWM Smash Bros. While I do not have a clear door into what I want to do after college, I am certain that bringing the knowledge and experiences I have accumulated over the years will help me find the right fit.