Humza Siddiqi

  • Senior, Public Health major

My time at UWM has been one of change - a change of settings, a change of people, and a change of perspectives. When I first came to UWM, I was set on majoring in Biological Sciences. However, after taking Public Health 101 with Dr. Auer, I fell in love with the field of Public Health, especially as the world faced the COVID-19 pandemic. UWM's Public Health program has been excellent, and I appreciate how much the professors prioritize the wellbeing of their students. Professors such as Prof. Kurt Svoboda and Prof. Musa Yahaya have truly shown me what passion in this field looks like, and I am grateful for taking their classes.

I also believe that the research opportunities I was able to pursue at UWM are unparalleled in the area. The SURF program is a great resource, and they were able to find me a position at Prof. Priya Premnath's lab. I am grateful to work with Dr. Premnath and the awesome lab team - they have shown me the value of teamwork and collaboration in achieving long-term goals.