Daniel Schwartz

  • May 2022 graduate, English major

I'm very honored to be invited to join Phi Beta Kappa. Growing up, I always found the most joy in writing short stories, but after high school I felt there was no way to do anything with that passion, so I decided to forgo going to college and instead just work. I eventually found out that it wasn't for me and decided to go to college for Creative Writing since it was always what I enjoyed doing the most, and it became the best decision I've ever made. As things currently stand, my plans for after graduation are to move to Seoul, South Korea and teach English. I spent the summer of 2021 studying abroad there, as well as two weeks in 2019, and I absolutely loved it. I'm hoping that after a few years back in Seoul I'll be able to travel to all kinds of other places around the globe, which will all be possible because of the opportunities that college has given me.