Brianna Jacqueline Schubert

  • Senior, Journalism, Advertising, and Media Studies

I am so honored to be on of this year’s Phi Beta Kappa inductees. I am finishing up my third year at UWM, and I will be graduating in the fall with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism, Advertising, and Media studies with an emphasis in journalism, along with an Honors College Degree and minors in Spanish and psychology. I have always loved the art of storytelling, whether it is through books, magazine features, news stories, or other media, and I hope to keep storytelling at the heart of whatever I do.

That being said, I hope to go into publishing, editing, writing, or hopefully all three at some point. I’m grateful for the opportunity I had last semester as an editorial intern at Milwaukee Magazine, and I am looking forward to attending the Summer Publishing Institute at New York University this summer. I’m also honored to be the current Editor-in-Chief of the UWM Post, where I have been able to work with many talented writers and editors throughout the past couple years. I would like to thank my parents, my sister, and Jordan for their endless support and for always believing in me. And I would like to thank my professors, friends, and coworkers at UWM and the UWM Honors College for making the last three years so wonderful.