Aya Salhab

  • May 2022 graduate, Nutritional Sciences major on a pre-dentistry track

I am in my fourth year at UW-Milwaukee on the pre-dental program. My current major is nutritional sciences with a double minor in chemistry and biology. I find myself to be highly determined, competitive, and observant. I enjoy playing sports, drawing, and cooking. Additionally, I like to spend time volunteering around the community with Youth Programs at my local community Mosque, or food organizations like The Gathering. I currently work as a dental assistant at the Milwaukee Dental Group which helps expose me to the dental field and patient care.

I am currently perusing a Nutritional Science major but am planning to attend Dental school after I graduate. Although the two might seem very different, they are in fact tied hand in hand together. What we eat and how we eat directly influences our oral health. I enjoy learning about nutrition and fitness because they influence every aspect of our body and life. They influence our physical and mental health. Eating nutritious foods helps your overall health but also specifically helps your gums and teeth. Having an undergrad in Nutritional Sciences will help me be a well-rounded doctor and educate people beyond the boundaries of brushing or flossing.