Richard Jason Rush

  • Senior, Biological Sciences major

I have enjoyed my time at UWM because it has shaped how I view science and deepened my appreciation for the natural world. As a biology major, my main focuses involve ecology, evolution, and botany. I am pursuing a career in research, and UWM has helped me get started in a lab setting with their extensive support for undergraduate research. I have been working closely with professor Jeffrey Karron and his lab group in investigating evolutionary phenomena in plants. This work has been very important to me because it is valuable experience and has allowed me to work professionally with plants, which is one of my long-term career goals.

I am inspired by the natural world and I want to change how we interact with it. Ultimately, I believe that the most important changes to be made involve how we grow the food that we eat. I want to contribute research to an agricultural revolution that profoundly impacts how we interact with the environment on a massive scale. So far, my time at UWM has allowed me to begin my career and start achieving these goals.