Naomi Eliza Raicu

  • Senior, Physics major

My time at UW-Milwaukee has been filled with enriching experiences both inside and outside the classroom setting; I feel honored to have received a Phi Beta Kappa invitation in recognition of my efforts and achievements. I am in my second year majoring in Physics and minoring in Math. During my time at UWM, I have grown as a researcher and scientific communicator, having been involved in biophysical protein unfolding research led by Prof. Ionel Popa since high school. My pursuit of research led me to gain access to the Summer 2021 SQMS Quantum Internship offered through Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory; it was there that I found my interest in Quantum Computing. As I continue my research under Prof. Popa, I stay connected to fellow STEM students by planning and organizing science and math activities as President of the Society of Physics Students and Vice President of Math Club. After graduation, I plan to pursue a PhD in Physics and go on to work in the Quantum Computing industry.