Jessica Danielle Plotkin

  • Junior, Biochemistry and Classics double major

I am honored and immensely grateful for the opportunity to join Phi Beta Kappa; it is a privilege I have worked towards for many years. My undergraduate experience has not been what I hoped, but I have learned that life is what happens when you made other plans.

I am now in my sixth year of pursuing my undergraduate degree so that I may continue on to medical school and into a career as a doctor. I have stumbled, been knocked down, and told I could not achieve my dreams; thankfully, I am a stubborn woman who took to heart the lessons of my Jewish heritage of perseverance and triumph through knowledge.

My time as an undergraduate at UWM has been transformative, particularly my experiences in the Honors College. Through Honors, I have had the incredible privilege of founding and now serving as president of a research organization, HARPY (the Honors Association for Research and Publication), as we host conferences and foster research in the humanities.

I want to take this opportunity to thank Jacqueline Stuhmiller, my first Honors professor and my constant supporter and advocate through HARPY and through the challenges of university. Thank you as well to my family, friends, and incredible fiancé; I owe you all so much!