Angela Pavao Pereira

  • Senior, Global Studies major

Hello, I am greatly honored to have the chance to join Phi Beta Kappa. I am intending to study abroad in South Korea next year and am greatly looking forward to the new experiences I'll have while there. I was born in Portugal and came to the U.S. when I was 4 and went to elementary school with people from all sorts of cultures. When I went to high school, I took two foreign languages and realized I love learning new languages and about different cultures. I believe all this has influenced part of my choice in going for a Global Management degree. I think it is really cool to see the differences in perspectives due to our cultural upbringing and how every little detail intertwines in ways that would normally be contradicting. I see myself working in a job that interacts with all sorts of cultures and being one of the people that can be counted on to build professional relationships with others. One of my lifelong goals is to be able to consider myself fluent in 3 different languages and have basic conversational skills in 2 more, if not more for both of those categories. I'm always excited to learn and experience something new.