Emmy Pagel

  • Senior, Political Science major on a pre-law track

I am so thankful for my invitation to Phi Beta Kappa! With all the craziness going on in the world, I found it somewhat difficult to reflect on my college experience because a good portion of it was done from my bedroom. Despite those difficulties, I was still able to connect with so many of my professors and peers in the Political Science and Women's and Gender Studies departments at UWM. I'm set to graduate with a major in Political Science with a Pre-Law focus and a minor in Women's and Gender Studies in the Fall of 2022 and with a plan to go to law school and hopefully focus on environmental law. My passion for law and politics was fueled by my experience interning for the Milwaukee Justice Center in their Family Law Clinic in the Spring of 2022, as well as my experience interning for the Earth Day Network in the Fall of 2020. The inspiration I have received so far in my studies at UWM has enhanced my academic experience and I'm excited to see how my involvement in Phi Beta Kappa will make me a stronger student and individual.