Aleia Nanette Olson

  • Senior, Education

I am very grateful to be a part of the UWM charter of Phi Beta Kappa. I picked UWM because I wanted academic opportunity and a chance to shine in college that I didn't have in high school. With the help of great professors and participating in the SURF program I feel I have achieved the goals I set for myself when I started college. I still have one year left and will graduate with a degree in education. Then who knows what will happen. I certainly don't, especially now that we as a collective people have experienced a pandemic that turned the world upside-down. I never expected to end up taking classes online, making friends via zoom, or discussing literature in collaborate ultra. I guess uncertainty is the only certainty. But I have also come to one realization despite the changes and adaptations to learning online. Nothing will hold me back from pursuing my goals.