Sarah O'Brien

  • Senior, Women's & Gender Studies major

Being a student at UWM has been quite rewarding. I’ve been encouraged by the great WGS & economics staff at UWM, especially Jeremiah Favara. He allowed me to explore WGS and research topics of interest! Rebecca Neumann in the Econ department has encouraged me to keep working through my course load and to know that Econ is fun! WGS has opened doors for me to intern for the Nashville Predators as their first ever DEI intern. This internship has been the most rewarding piece of my undergrad studies. I’ve been able to make a positive impact on the Nashville Predators community. I hope to continue working with the Preds after I graduate or stay in Nashville long term! I wouldn’t have been able to build the confidence to move to Tennessee without my WGS professors’ encouragement! I’ve learned the skills needed to succeed in DEI through gender studies & Econ! I’m thankful for my Panther family giving me the tools to succeed!