Kari Marie Mrotek

  • Senior, German major

As a German major I almost feel that it was inevitable that I would study abroad in Germany. My sophomore year I got the opportunity to study in Bamberg, Germany. I spent my time learning about the culture and expanding my knowledge of the language. I met some of my best friends and I even met my now husband! This experience helped me to grow to be the person I am today.

During my time at UWM I was also co-president of HARPY (Honors Association for Research and Presentation) for a semester. I was able to grow my skills as a leader and learn the ins and outs of organizing and hosting an academic conference.

Lastly, I would like to share what a wonderful experience I have had in the German department here at UWM. All of my professors have continued to encourage and grow my love for the German language and culture. I have worked closely with Dr. Jonathan Wipplinger this semester to research and explore the music genre Schlager. He has pushed me to become a better student in the ways that I read, write, and think about the world.