Sophia Mobley

  • Senior, English with a Pre-Law track

I am honored to be joining Phi Beta Kappa as well as graduating with an Honors degree from UWM. Being at UWM for the past four years has really helped shape me into the person I am today. I came into college unsure of what I wanted to do in the future. However, after many changes to my major, I eventually settled on majoring in English, since I loved my English classes in high school, as well as minoring in Political Science because I simply wanted to know more about American politics and government. Looking back now, I would not change a thing. The flexibility of studying the broad field of English has allowed me to have many different professional experiences, from designing educational materials for a nonprofit legal organization to creating an informational website about the Covid-19 vaccine, and even writing a successful grant for a nonprofit working with children in foster care. These experiences through UWM have taught me that there is really no limit to what I can do in the future. Even though I have decided on becoming a teacher, I know that I can take what I have learned from all of my previous class projects and channel that knowledge into being the most well-rounded version of myself.