Sofia Mattson

  • Senior, Psychology

Sofia Mattson is pursuing a BS in psychology, a minor in Spanish, an Honors Degree with Distinction, and continues lessons in harp music through the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee (UWM). Although harp performance has had her heart since the age of 6, she she hopes to pursue a career in neuropsychology. She has been an undergraduate research assistant researching affective neuroscience since 2018, and also is a member of the national Adolescent Brain Cognitive Development study, both of which have allowed her to present at various conferences. Since then, the studies in which Sofia have been involved focus on attention and working memory capacity using electroencephalography, as well as various factors that affect the cognitive development of adolescents.

She has received funding for research through grants since 2019, including a prestigious award given to a small group of seniors that are particularly invested in research called the Senior Excellence in Research Award. Other than her ventures in psychology, neuroscience, and harp, Sofia also is a co-chair of UWM's Honors Association for Research and Publication, which hosts conferences each semester and encourages honors students to pursue research of any sort.