Amy Lee

  • Senior, International Studies

I'll be graduating from UW-Milwaukee this upcoming May 2021 with my Bachelor of Arts. In addition, I will also be completing two certificates from Lakeshore Technical College, an Office Technology and Human Resource Basic Certificate. Although it took me five years to get to this point, finally graduating, and know what I want to do career wise, I am glad for all the experiences, hardship and knowledge I gained along the way.

Not only did I transfer school and switched major, I also got to study abroad in Seoul, South Korea in 2018. I was able to experience a lot and learn along the way, so I'm thankful for all the difficulties I faced throughout my undergrad years. Now, I just hope to gain more and better experiences once I'm done with this part of my life, hopefully getting to travel more and meet new people and learn about other cultures, as well as attending grad school.

Overall, I'm thankful I got this far due to the help of my parents who never got to go to college, but instead have supported me on this long and arduous journey, and I'm thankful I get to end my memorable five years by joining Phi Theta Kappa.