Juliana Alicia Lara

  • Senior, Psychology major with a Pre-Physician Assistant track

My time at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee has been full of opportunity and personal growth. As a psychology major with a pre-physician assistant track, I am grateful to have had a variety of science courses in my undergraduate career. These will prove to be valuable as I progress into graduate school with the goal of specializing in psychiatry.

Outside of academics, I had the privilege of working in Dr. Christine Larson’s Affective Neuroscience laboratory in my first year, participating in groundbreaking research. I have also had the honor of working with first-year students as a peer mentor and was promoted to a coaching position in the program. I am grateful to all the staff I’ve worked with in the Student Success Center who have helped me grow professionally, particularly Becky Behnke. I also work in an inpatient psychiatric facility, gaining valuable knowledge and experience in mental health. Managing two part-time jobs while going to school full-time has taught me discipline and perseverance.

I am proud to be second-generation Mexican American woman graduating with a Bachelor of Science in psychology and have an honors distinction for graduation. I feel immensely honored to become a member of Phi Beta Kappa.