Samantha Kranz

  • Junior, English

Receiving the opportunity to join Phi Beta Kappa has been one of my prime accomplishments during my undergrad years at UWM. I was undecided when I arrived as a freshman. I quickly developed interest in English and the written language and arts through the guidance and instruction of Madison Rose Williams, RS Deeren, and Katie Marie Cary within the English Department. I am currently pursuing an English degree and a degree from the Honors Program.

After acheiving a Bachelor's degree, I am hoping to continue into the Masters Program. I have formed great connections with many students and staff on campus, especially working as a Resident Assistant. Being able to work with students and help peers discover resources and build connections has helped me build my passion for both teaching and helping others, and my goal is to earn a PhD and become a professor. I have my professors and instructors to thank for helping me build strong and useful academic skills, as well as my family for their undying support throughout my time within UWM.