Emily Kern

  • Senior, Political Science major

I am very honored to have received a nomination for Phi Beta Kappa at UWM. I am currently in my third year studying Political Science and am planning to start a minor in Journalism and Media Studies as I have really found a passion for writing and analyses. At this university, I feel as if I have met my people; staff and students alike, who have encouraged me to strive to be my best self. I have had some incredible opportunities at UWM with the best learning experience so far being my semester abroad in Sevilla, Spain. I have been able to put my knowledge of Spanish to the test while socializing with locals to learn from their culture and experiences. I have been able to expand my open mind to help me be more well-rounded both in my professional and personal ventures. As an aspiring Political Journalist or Analyst, I look forward to utilizing the skills I have gained from my experiences at UWM and am excited to see what else I can gain in my last few semesters here.