Noelle Elisa Gomez

  • Senior, English major

I am so honored to join The Phi Beta Kappa Society.

I have absolutely loved studying at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Being away from home has challenged me to radically and unapologetically accept the whole person that I am. I first entered college as Undecided, but after taking many different introductory English courses, I am so proud and happy to have found my passion in language expression and storytelling as a Creative Writing major.

I especially need to thank Valerie Laken for encouraging me to see that being a fiction writer is something within my own scope and power to do, that my stories as a Queer Chicana writer are worth telling. I am forever thankful for Brenda Cárdenas for pushing me to explore myself through poetry and helping me realize my own true potential, that there is a space for me and others like me within the world of writing. I also want to express gratitude to my fellow peers, classmates, and especially to all the new friends I’ve made–I admire you more than you know.

I hope that one day you’ll see me on your bookshelf