Lejla Ganija

  • Senior, Elementary Education major

I am honored to be receiving an invitation to join the Phi Beta Kappa community! The amazing coursework and professors here at UWM have made it possible for me to achieve this honor. I am currently a senior majoring in Secondary English Education with an honors distinction.

My engagement in the enthralling coursework within the department of L&S has led me to earn multiple letters of recognition for my exemplary work and admission to the Honors college. In finding my joy for writing and listening to diverse stories, I made it my commitment to engage in an array of communities. I am currently working as a SPARK literacy tutor in a dual language school. I am also a Story Experience Fellow working with the organization Islands of Brilliance, a nonprofit that connects neurodivergent students to creativity. With my accomplishments, I hope to share my passion for spaces where voices can be heard through the use of oral and written literacy. I want to celebrate the diversity of my future students, and forever engage in learning and discovery.

Thank you to my professors and advisors, my immigrant parents, and the amazing people I get to interact with in class on a daily basis. I am so grateful to be joining the Phi Beta Kappa family.