Abigail N. Foote

  • Senior, Psychology

Before coming to UW-Milwaukee, I was not sure what I wanted to do in my life or who I wanted to become. I took my first psychology class and it felt as though the pieces started to fall together. I decided to pursue a degree in psychology and counseling because I want to spend my life helping others. My goal is to attend graduate school to become a school counselor so I can work with students and be someone they can depend on during some of the most tumultuous years of their lives.

UW-Milwaukee has been a fantastic place for me to learn about my future career and find myself. I am grateful for the time I spent here and I am honored to be invited to Phi Beta Kappa. If the past year has taught me anything, it is that you never know what might happen in life, but I know that with the strong foundation and love of learning that I have built during my time at UWM, that I will be able to handle anything life throws at me. While I am saddened to leave, I am looking forward to the future and the new adventures that await me.