Ainsley Feigles

  • Senior, Journalism, Advertising & Media Studies

I am delighted to be accepting this invitation to Phi Beta Kappa. This May, I will be graduating with a major in Journalism, Advertising, and Media Studies, with a concentration in Journalism, a minor in Communication, and a certificate in Digital Arts and Culture. While I have learned tremendous amounts and grown significantly during my time here, it is the people of UWM that have made this a truly unforgettable experience. To all of the JAMS instructors and faculty, I feel so lucky to have had your guidance and expertise throughout my time at UWM. To Jane Hampden Daley, thank you for taking an early interest in my education and for sharing your passion for audio with me. I feel incredibly grateful for all of your advice and to have had the privilege of stepping into your classroom. As I embark on my step, I will take with me the broader perspective that I have gained from time with my instructors and peers at UWM.