Olivia Dimmer

  • Junior, Women's and Gender Studies and African and African Diaspora Studies double major

I am working to graduate Summa Cum Laude. I want to focus my life on human rights advocacy, whether that be through studying for a career in law, psychology, non-profit work, or anything that might catch my attention when I get there. I will likely apply to graduate school, though I want to take time and travel again to experience different cultural perspectives outside of the US. In the early part of my college career, I set my goals to major in a subject that I truly enjoyed and I wanted to stay on the Dean's List. I would say I have been highly successful in accomplishing these objectives so far.

I've found three subjects that I enjoy studying, and I have been on the Dean's Honor's List each semester. The faculty at UWM has been substantially influential in my academic success, including Ermitte Saint Jacques, Ian Mclaughlin, Casey O'Brien, Xin Huang, Abera Gelan, Sara Thor, and Molly McCourt. I am truly grateful for my experiences at UWM and for all the people I have had the good fortune to meet and learn from.