David Vishnu Deshpande

  • May 2022 graduate, Biology with a pre-med focus

At the intersection of ecology, big band drumming, biochemistry, gardening, epidemiology, woodworking, emergency medical services, cycling, entomology, and clinical medicine, you’ll find me. However, prior to my time at UWM and in the Honors College, I had no idea such intersections existed; the greatest joy of my life and academic career has been collaborating with incredible faculty mentors, like Honors College faculty member Dr. Jacqueline Stuhmiller, and accomplished students to discover how my own unique interests and skills can synergistically influence each other.

My major-related research with Dr. Erica Young focuses on microbiome establishment and metabolism in the carnivorous pitcher plant, Sarracenia purpurea. The project draws on cross-disciplinary techniques across my major and minor in chemistry, and I look forward to using these skills after graduation as a medical student at the University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine.

My induction into Phi Beta Kappa alongside the brightest and most inspiring students at UWM is a humbling privilege. Interpersonal relationships and collaboration were critical to my development thus far, and I am thrilled to join the web of minds in Phi Beta Kappa.