Delany DeLeske

Delaney DeLeske

  • Senior, Political Science and International Studies double major

Throughout my time at UWM I was awarded a grant from the Undergraduate Research Department and worked on a project that created a database of the Supreme Court Justice's appearances and how they influence public perception on the legitimacy of the Court. I had the honor of working with Dr. Benesh and presenting the project at the Annual Undergraduate Research Symposium. My junior year I joined Phi Sigma Alpha-Epsilon Xi, the national political science honor society. While apart of this organization I got accepted to present one of my three capstone papers that discussed what factors led to the unification of Italy in 1859. Before my senior year, I spent the summer abroad in Barcelona, Spain while I did an internship and study program working with the Barcelona Metropolitan Strategic Plan on setting up their technical office for their European Capital of Democracy (ECoD) award. The staff and community at UWM has been central to my experience and opportunities throughout receiving my degrees and I have no doubt that it will greatly impact my future post graduation.