Mia Rose Cornale

  • Senior, Education

I am very honored to be given the opportunity to join Phi Beta Kappa at UWM. I would like to thank all of my amazing instructors and peers at UWM who have helped guide me to the place where I am today. In particular, I am grateful for the UWM Honors College and Dr. Nigel Rothfels, Dr. Ben Schneider, and Dr. Alan Singer, who have never faltered in their passion and commitment to education.

My experiences with the Honors College and with UWM in general have helped me grow both in my knowledge of academics and my knowledge of life. I hope to graduate with a B.S. in Education to teach Social Studies, along with a minor in Spanish and a minor in Bilingual Education. I believe that UWM has given me the resources I need to be an effective teacher, and I hope that my participation in Phi Beta Kappa will provide me with even more insight. I look forward to the rest of my years at UWM and my future teaching career!