Nicole Marie Chavez

  • Senior, Conservation and Environmental Science

As a first generation student, being invited to join Phi Beta Kappa is truly an honor. I am currently a senior at UWM pursuing a major in Conservation and Environmental Science along with a minor in both Biology and Geography. The path to success is non-linear, which I have experienced first-hand as a nontraditional student. It was not an easy decision to give up my full time job for the opportunity to become educated and begin a career in a field I am passionate about, the environment and its conservation.

I found UWM to be a welcoming place for an adult student returning to obtain their bachelor's degree years after graduating high school. There was no shortage of faculty, staff, and fellow students willing to lend a helping hand. Without the support of the university, achieving this academic honor would not have been possible. Also, I am proud of not only myself but of all my fellow students that have had to overcome the unique challenges associated with Covid-19 that we have faced this past year. Keeping up with such high academic standards has not always been easy, but it has been infinitely rewarding. I cannot wait to see what the future holds for me upon graduation.