Andrea Faith Bishop

  • Senior, Political Science major with a pre-law track

As a first-generation student, coming to UWM was like entering a completely different world. I entered the summer before my first year, working with UWM's SURF research program, and was so lucky to be able to ease into my college career. Working on research and helping to publish multiple papers over my time at UWM has pushed me to try harder in and out of the classroom, and I will be a student at Marquette Law come the beginning of the fall semester. My high school mentor, Monica Olague-Marchan (who ended up following me to UWM) was the person who inspired me to work hard for my dreams and strive for equality and justice. I threw myself headfirst into UWM and have managed to graduate with (hopefully high honors in) a Political Science major, two minors, two certificates, and a degree through the honors college.