Jhonette D. Balingit

  • Junior, Actuarial Science major

I chose UWM because of the Center of Actuarial Excellence status for Actuarial Science. Here I was able to grow as an actuary, get support for studying for the lengthy actuarial exams, and work alongside accredited actuaries. I was invited to the honors college and I was pleasantly surprised at the class curriculums. With no tests or exams, my ability to communicate and form relationships were strengthened, and helped me develop skills I would else not have in regular classes. The honors college has been one of my greatest experiences at UWM. I would like to recognize Alan Singer who has been especially integral to my positive experience. Without the help of Mr. Singer, I would not be the great student I am today. I would also like to thank Dr. Skordi for helping me throughout my journey at UWM and providing me mentorship. When I graduate I plan on working full time as an actuarial consultant in the Property & Casualty field.