Alice Marjorie Apfelbach

  • Junior, Communication major

The University of Wisconsin Milwaukee is a special place offering opportunities for continuous learning, collaboration, introspection, and achievement which makes it particularly special to accept the invitation to Phi Beta Kappa as a junior communications major. My advisors Andy Cuneo and Lauren Fleck, the communications department faculty, and Honors College professors have all provided me the motivation to persist, participate, and challenge myself while seeking excellence. They are the reason I am thriving today.

Using what I have learned while earning my degree, I opened an online Etsy shop, called SunshineAppleGirl, to sell my original paintings and prints. My interest in the arts has deepened from this experience as an Etsy shop owner and I hope to continue to pursue art in the future, whether it be through working in communications for a museum, pursuing a career as an artist, or working in the natural/sustainable beauty industry.

As the inaugural recipient of UWM's Ruth McGaffey Scholarship, I’ve also been able to uphold its purpose by exploring more communication-rich courses and participating as a presenter at the 2022 Honors College Beastly Conference.

It is an honor to be recognized as Phi Beta Kappa. Thank you.