Huda Ahmad

  • Junior, Biological Sciences with a Pre-Physician Assistant track

It is an honor to be invited to join Phi Beta Kappa, as I value the education that I receive at UWM. I am a first-generation college student, and currently in my third year at UWM, pursuing a degree in Biological Sciences, with the intent of Pre-PA. In the three years of my college career, I became a member in a few clubs such as MSA (Muslim Student Association) and SJP (Student for Justice in Palestine). Also a couple of my Pre-Dent, Pre-Med, and Pre-PA friends at UWM are in the process of starting our own student club named The Health-Link Institute, as the aim is to encourage student involvement in the greater Milwaukee area. We plan to host food and clothes drives, and many more events to give back to the community.

Furthermore, I am also enrolled in undergraduate independent research in the field of Microbiology, with Professor Madhusudan Dey. He is a great mentor, as I am looking forward to completing my research report on the several detailed articles that I have thoroughly annotated about the effect of initiation factors in protein translation on cancer. UWM has and continues to prep me for my PA career, as becoming a PA has been my ultimate life goal. I look forward to see what Phi Beta Kappa has next in store for me.