Stephanie Aguilar Cachú

  • Senior, Political Science major

I am honored to receive the opportunity to join Phi Beta Kappa here at UWM. I feel very fortunate that I have been able to grow as a person thanks to the many inspiring friends and professors that I have had the chance to meet and who have not just given academic support, but also created a foundation of trust through which we continue to do our best to achieve as much success as we can, both personal and academic. Being part of the Honors College here at UWM has given me the opportunity to meet many of these amazing peers, and in itself has helped me become a stronger critical thinker.

As a political science major, I hope to gain an understanding not just of our shared experiences as the people of the U.S., but how other cultures and peoples have evolved and how we interact with one another, and how it is through our union that we are stronger. I hope to use this knowledge and experience in the future to bring this understanding to as many as possible so that our unity only continues to grow in the future.